Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not really tasty

The crew building working behind the house Rod and Eric are building makes a batch or meal for lunch every day it has no taste but fills the tummy. The other picture is Rod caught in a downpour with only a sheet of plywood for protection,didn't work real well.

Solwezi road crew

They finally started working on the roads,looks like they might need to do a little more training before they turn them lose with the equipment. Once it quits raining it turns to dust. The guys come in covered with fine red dust. At times it looks like the town is on fire. Rod says at night they need to keep the wipers on to keep the dust of so that they can see.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walls are going up

Rod and Eric and the crew are setting panels. Working just as planned,Eric came up with a hoist system that is working great . Panels for the entire house could be put up in a day if they didn't need to be open for electical inspection.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Floor is poured

I had problems getting these pictures to the blog. Rod and Eric and the guys pouring the slab. I looks to me that not only do you have a homemade bullfloat that you allso have a home made rake which means that the only tool you bought was the darby and that was made for stucco and not concrete. Great job guys and gals

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Africa

Rod and Eric were ready to pour the first slab. When they went out to start the truck, there was no fuel. Someone that climbed over the fence ,cut the fuel line and stolen the fuel. Ttying to do anything in Africa at times seems to be like running a race with your feet incased in buckets of concrete.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Moving to job site

A ramp needed to be built to get the posts loaded on the truck for tansport to the jobsite . The house is close to coming together.

Good water

Rod and the gang with new water filters from monolithic dome institute. Finally water that is drinkable in Solwezi. This is a  nifty design that monolithic sells put water in the top pail and it filters into the lower pail overnight. The bottled water in Zambia is not very tasty and is very spendy . I wish we would have had this while I was there.   If it rained over night the Zambian's that worked for us would gather all the rain water that had collected in the tarps, it's hard to tell what they had to drink at home. Be thankful if you can go to your tap and drink the water with out getting sick.


Rod with the panels. Rod came up with a block and tackle system to raise the walls safely and easily . Cement mixer broke. Nothing is easy in Africa. Some shots around the site.


Rod and Eric have been busy will try and do a sbort update . Water is always an issue in Solwezi . The crew dug in a water line about a block long from a well so they now have a reliable supply of water,and much better than the muddy water that was delievec from the creek. Eric also came up with a modified ice tong tool so they are now able to carry the line posts safely and with out damaging the posts.